Step One

Average Duration: 2 Days

First, Build a Sitemap

What do your visitors want to see? Plan to build pages that answer their questions and sell your products. Instead of just listing out our pages in a Google Doc, we use site mapping to visually represent the pages on a website hierarchically.

Second, Choose a Creative Direction

Our lead designer compiles all of the information that you’ve given us so far and presents it to the entire design team. Together, the team assembles at least two creative directions for the website’s aesthetic. These are then presented to our client in the design kickoff meeting.

Step Two

Average Duration: 7 Days

Step Three

Average Duration: 21 Days

Third, We Finalize Design

After our client has decided on a design direction, we continue in that direction to mock up the remaining pages of the website on both desktop and mobile.

Fourth, We Develop The Website

Once design is finalized, we kick off the development phase with a development planning session. This is where our design team hands off the file to the development team and explains exactly how to capture their artistic vision in the final product that the developers create. After this, we put our heads down for a while to develop the website. Don’t worry though, our clients still get plenty of progress updates along the way.

Step Four

Average Duration: 28 Days

Step Five

Average Duration: 7 Days

Finally, We Cross the Finish Line

After the initial development is complete, we run through the whole website page-by-page on mobile, desktop, and tablet (and using all major browsers) to test for any bugs, typos, or errors. We’ll check that all content is entered correctly and your website is launch-ready. Right before we launch, we’ll install analytics software to measure your websites’ performance. At the end of this phase, your website will be live!

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