Start a Project

The Sitemap Phase

Step 1

Decide which pages should be on your website

Which pages do we need?
Which pages will visitors be able to access, and which should be hidden?
What's the purpose of each page? Is there anything we can reduce or reuse?
Step 2

Decide what to put on each page

Clearly help users find the information that they need
Guide the user towards actions that you want them to take
Highlight your most important selling points and attributes
Outline all functionality and user experience questions


Design Directions

STep 3

Determine the design direction

We design your home page in two different ways
We'll explore fonts, color, textures, imagery, and other key design choices
This serves as a quick "heat check" to make sure we're on the right track
Step 4

Design the rest of the website

We'll follow the wireframes we created in step 2 and the design directions in step 3
You get a chance to review and provide two rounds of revisions
The phase ends with your approval of all page designs
After you approve the website, we give you a list of everything we need from you in order to launch the website

Visual Design


Step 5

Build a functioning website from those designs

We'll build the pages and functionality in WordPress exactly according to the designs that you approved
We make it easy for you to edit the website later 
All pages are fully responsive (mobile friendly) and cross-browser compatible
Step 6

Our Pre-Launch Checklist

100+ Steps, including:
Page speed optimization
Accessibility compliance
Our security checklist
Google Analytics configuration
Technical SEO configuration

Pre-Launch Checklist

After Launch

Exceptional Post-Launch Support

Free Bug Fixes

One of your visitors catch a bug that we missed? No problem. Bug fixes are on the house for the first 30 days after launch.

Free Training

Unlimited lifetime access to our library of training videos, so you can train your staff on how to manage and edit your website.

2 Free Hours of Development

Now that your website is live, you may change your mind about something. We offer two hours of free development work for those changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Schedule a Call

What other services do you offer?

We specialize in providing only one service - making websites. We don't offer any other marketing services, because we're completely dedicated to making websites of the highest possible quality.

What tools do you use to build your websites?

We build using WordPress as our Content Management System. We can use whatever hosting provider you'd like, and we'll recommend one for you if you don't have a preference.

How long does it take to make a new website?

Our projects vary in size and scope, but most of our projects take about 10 weeks from start to finish. This estimate assumes that there are no delays from your side.

What will be required of me throughout the process?

Most of our clients need to dedicate between 30 minutes and 1 hour of their time each week to review our work and offer feedback.

We deliver everything on Fridays, so you can pre-schedule your internal review sessions for every Monday.

How do revision rounds work?

Our process is extremely collaborative, so (usually) by the time we get to the formal revision rounds, the changes are pretty minor. 

We offer two formal revision rounds during the design phase, where you can leave feedback on any part of the website. 

We submit the designs to you on a Friday, and you have until Tuesday to give us the feedback. If you meet that deadline, we complete your feedback by that same Friday.

What happens after you launch my website?

You'll be given a free trial of our support plans for 30 days, with two free hours of development work, to use however you'd like. 

You'll also be given access to our client training library which includes video tutorials for how to manage and edit your website.

After your 30 days have run out, you'll be able to sign up for a Growth & Support Plan for long-term support.

Where is The Sher Agency located?

We're a 100% remote team, with no headquarters or physical office location. Our staff is located all over the globe in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

We work with clients all over the world!

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