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What is A mockup?

What We've Done:

Created the layout and design of all pages
This includes, fonts, colors, spacing, alignment and image style
Unique design elements
Button style, textures, iconography and imagery
User Experience Design & Strategy
We focus on accessibility, usability and creating an impactful experience for users.

What we have not done:

Entered the exact content/text for the website
Most projects have a separate content entry phase at the end of the development phase and revision rounds.
Animations & Interactions
On your developed website, elements will fade in and change as you move your mouse over them. This has not been completed at this phase.
The responsive behavior of the website
How the website will display on tablet, mobile, etc.
Integrations and form connections.
Chat widgets, contact form delivery, and CRM integrations will happen in the pre-launch phase.

How to Give Feedback

Examples of Useful Feedback

"I'd like to draw more attention to the buttons on the site"
Telling us what you'd like to prioritize visually is very helpful.
"This section feels too busy"
If you're not sure exactly what you don't like about something, tell us how it makes you feel.
“That’s not the bio I want to use on the about page”
Content /data entry has not been completed at this phase
“Let's give a little bit more life to this section."
If you feel like a section is too minimalist or plain, let us know and we'll spice it up!
"I don't like the layout of this section because..."
We can redesign a section if you let us know what you don't like about the current version.

Examples of Feedback that is Not Useful

"I want these form entries to go to my email at [email protected]"
We haven't started working on integrations yet.
“That’s not the headline I want to use"
Content /data entry has not been completed at this phase
"Some of my products / blog posts / team members are missing"
This will be solved during the content / data entry phase.

Your Action Items

If we just sent you mockups, here's what we're going to need from you going forward:

By Tuesday

Feedback on Mockups

Leave feedback using the method described on this page.
By The End of Development

Text for The Website

We're going to need all of the text you want on every page. Use the developed website as your guide.

Data Entry Instructions

Our team will tell you if this applies to you. All data for team members, products, blog posts, etc.

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