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A mobile gaming studio needed a fresh new look to attract top-talent. Here’s what we gave them.
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A genetic cloning service website, with a sharp, modern aesthetic.
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Tuck Consulting

A project & product management firm needed a new look and feel to their website.
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A mobile gaming studio needed a fresh new look to attract top-talent. Here’s what we gave them.
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The Osteosarcoma Institute

A non-profit website designed to demonstrate impact and research initiatives. Our project increased their traffic by 900%.
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CubHub’s EMR Software website needed a new look and feel - we redesigned it completely.
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Ascension School Camp & Conference Center

This client needed a website to highlight nature’s beauty - we let the pictures do the talking.
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A website designed to answer common questions and convert prospects into clients.
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Center for Anxiety

A psychology practice website, designed to help new patients and recruit employees.
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Crew Chiefs

We helped Crew Chiefs launch their company with a new lead generation website.
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Our Team

We're actively hiring for multiple positions. If you're a creative professional looking to join an awesome team, check out our openings!
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Hi there! My name is Max, I'm the founder and CEO of The Sher Agency. I started my agency as a Freshman in college, and have since been dedicated to creating awesome websites that move the needle in my clients' businesses.

When I'm not making websites with my team, I'm the host of the Sink or Scale business podcast, a digital nomad hopping around from city to city, and an amateur guitar player.
Chief Operations Officer

Curt Branscombe

Hey I'm Curt, I help out on the operations side of things. I enjoy working with our team and clients to ensure projects are running as smoothly as possible! I love all things about web design and digital marketing and helping to create winning strategies for our clients.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family. I also enjoy a few hobbies when I have time like wood working and learning to play new musical instruments.
Account Manager

Axel Presali

Hey! My name is Axel Presali, and I've been a WordPress developer for more than 4 years. My aim is to create stunning websites that are user-centered and get conversions for clients. I've graduated in Public Relations and Journalism, and this gives me special know-how in regards to web structure and communication.
Outside of work, I enjoy hanging out with friends, going out to eat, and training.

Account Manager


My name is Syed Hamza Hasany but everyone calls me Hamza. I am an account and sales management professional with a background in Automotive sales, SEO and content. I love reading thrillers and like to keep abreast of current affairs and geo-politics.
Account Manager

Farheen Nawaz

Hello, My name is Farheen Nawaz. I'm a Project Manager here at Sher Agency. My role is to see if all projects are working smoothly, working on new and old projects and managing each project accordingly. In 2019, I started my career in Account management and I feel very happy that I have developed a strong hold on my skillsets in the last few months.

Other than work, I love watching movies and TV shows. I'm a pop culture enthusiast.
Account Manager

Jason Westbrook

I'm have been building websites on Wordpress since 2003 when it launched and even got to meet the inventor Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp in 2017. Since then I have been a digital consultant helping entrepreneurs grow and support their businesses online.
When I am not running my marketing agency I love being a dad to three boys, traveling, exploring cool cities, discovering great places to eat, and of course drinking good coffee.
Lead Developer

Zaid Mosuro

Hey there! I'm Zaid, a full-stack developer with years of expertise working with WordPress. I love solving problems and contributing as much as I can to any team I find myself in. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family and indulging in my passion for football.
Lead Designer

Leah Canale

Hey there! I’m Leah and I’m a Web Designer at The Sher Agency. I love art and designing websites is a fun way to express my creativity!

Outside of work, I love cooking and baking, taking my dog on hikes and playing music.

Web Strategist

Aaron Gardner

Hey there! My name is Aaron Gardner and I've worked in & around web development for around 2 decades. I'm a caffeine enthusiast who collects knowledge + hobbies, and I really enjoy solving problems + taking things from "meh" to "Boo-Ya!" When I'm not helping businesses improve their web presence, I love the outdoors + doing nerd stuff with food.
Web Designer

Maia Garcia

Hi! I’m Maia, a very passionate UX/UI and Graphic Designer who loves designing websites and creating prototypes. When I’m not working, I’m usually at the gym or watching a thriller movie.
Web Designer

Celeste Fejzo

My name is Celeste, a dedicated Project Manager with a passion for all things creative and technology related. I like to create order in chaos while delivering high-quality work.
WordPress Developer

Daniel Peres

I'm a WordPress professional that is constantly discovering new features in order to always deliver the best solution for the customer.
WordPress Developer

John Harley Po

Hey there! I'm Harley, a Web Developer at The Sher Agency. 

I firmly believe that to engage and resonate with your audience successfully, you must communicate a powerful story and create a memorable experience for them, which is why I like making websites.
WordPress Developer

Jerald laxamana

Hi! My name is Jerald and I've been a web developer for almost 6 years. I really love creating beautiful landing pages and web applications, and thinking critically about the problems that your website aims to solve.

During my spare time, I typically watch anime, movies, and play FPS games!
WordPress Developer

Joseph Mark Borromeo

Hey there! I'm Joseph Mark Borromeo and a Wordpress Developer at The Sher Agency. Web Development has been my passion ever since i was on college and i feel so blessed that i'm still doing what i love for the past 12 years.

I also love to travel and spend some time with the family during my spare time.
WordPress Developer

Joener Münch

I'm Joener, a full-time WordPress developer with focus on pixel perfect design and coding with best practices. With knowledge in all areas of the front and backend of WP, my main focus is developing clean, modern and fast websites.
WordPress Developer

Carlo Barrinuevo

Hey there! Carlo here, and I’m a WordPress developer. I’m passionate about creating beautiful and functional websites using the power of WordPress. Whether it’s building custom themes, designing eye-catching layouts, or optimizing site speed and performance, I love every aspect of working with WordPress.
WordPress Developer

Jude Manalang

What's up! Jude here, Web Developer for more than 7 years and currently working at Sher Agency.
I just basically love creating website specially from scratch where I seek to amaze clients/customers with my clean yet professional looking website!
When I'm not working you will see me chilling watching Movies/Series or playing basketball. I also love to travel and spend quality time with my family.
WordPress Developer

Elmer Chatto

Hello there, I am Elmer a web developer with 6 years of experience and I help businesses have their dream website that will help them get more sales and revenue by having a well-built site.

On my spare time I love watching movies and playing MMORPG games.
Media Specialist

Ashin Pote

Hello there! It’s me, Ashin, and I’m a Media Specialist at Sher agency. Being a Computer Science Graduate, I Have worked with different tech Companies as a Web designer and Content creator. Here at Sher agency, I got chance to Collab my both passions.

Apart from Video Editing, I’m content creator and Tech Reviewer on my YouTube and Tiktok channel “Ashin Pote”.
Web Assistant

Roel Artiaga

Hi there! My name is Roel and I'm a Web Assistant at The Sher Agency. I love to organize things and make sure that they are in exact order to give the best quality result for all the websites that we're working on. Being a detail-oriented person is one of the best assets that you can find in me, and I assure you that I will make things done on time consistently.

Outside of work, I enjoy watching sci-fi movies, learning musical instruments, and travelling with my friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What kinds of businesses do you work with?

We can work with any kind of business - and over the years, we've worked with most niches and industries. In general, most of our clients fall into these categories:

- Software as a Service
- B2B / Professional Services
- E-Commerce
- Healthcare
- Government
- Nonprofit

What other services do you offer?

We specialize in providing only one service - making websites. We don't offer any other marketing services, because we're completely dedicated to making websites of the highest possible quality.

What tools do you use to build your websites?

We build using WordPress as our Content Management System. We can use whatever hosting provider you'd like, and we'll recommend one for you if you don't have a preference.

My website gets lots of traffic. How do you make changes safely?

We build your website using a staging environment, so that your customer-facing website is untouched until we're ready to go live!

How long does it take to make a new website?

Our projects vary in size and scope, but most of our projects take about 10 weeks from start to finish. This estimate assumes that there are no delays from your side.

What will be required of me throughout the process?

Most of our clients need to dedicate 30 minutes - 1 hour of their time/week to review our work and offer feedback.

We deliver everything on Fridays, so you can pre-schedule your internal review sessions for every Monday.

How do you ensure project success?

Our projects are broken into phases and milestones with concrete timelines. At each of these phases, your feedback will be considered to ensure you like how the website looks and functions. 

Where is The Sher Agency located?

We're a 100% remote team, with no headquarters or physical office location. Our staff is located all over the globe in North America, Europe, and Asia.

We work with clients all over the world!
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