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What is a Design Direction?

During the design direction phase, we decide...

The color palette and typography to be used everywhere on the website.
Sometimes provided in a brand guide beforehand.
The type of imagery that we use on the website.
Do you prefer photography, illustrations, iconography, mockups, etc.
The way buttons look on the website.
Buttons can have rounded corners, Bold font, or  Other effects.
The unique brand elements we use on the website.
Background patterns, lines, shapes, borders, shadows – all of the little flairs we add to show your brand's personality!
Option 1

We do not decide...

The exact pictures & images we're going to use
Right now, we're only trying to decide what kind of imagery to use
The exact copy/text for the website
No thought is given to copy at this phase
The responsive behavior of the website
How the website will display on tablet, mobile, etc.
The full page layout
We typically only design partial versions of the home page in this phase

How to Give Feedback

Option 1
Option 2

Examples of Useful Feedback

"I prefer photographs, instead of illustrations"
Deciding on imagery style early makes the rest of our process much more efficient.
"I'd like to draw more attention to the buttons on the site"
Telling us what you'd like to prioritize visually is very helpful.
"This section feels too busy"
If you're not sure exactly what you don't like about something, tell us how it makes you feel.
"I like X from the first design, but Y from the second design."
We can usually use parts of both designs, to create something that you love.
"Can you make this feel more minimalist?"
Providing specific direction like this is very actionable.
Option 1
Option 2

Examples of Feedback that is Not Useful

"I want these form entries to go to my email at [email protected]"
We haven't started working on functionality yet.
"These should be videos"
This is a 2D static mockup - there are no videos or animations set up yet.
“That’s not the headline I want to use"
Content /data entry has not been completed at this phase
"The page feels a bit short"
We typically only design partial versions of the home page - just enough to get a sense of the page's aesthetic.

What if I don't like either design?

If you don't like either of the designs, now is the time to tell us! 

Course correcting gets more difficult the further along we get, so please tell us right away if you're not happy with the progress we're making.

Your Action Items

If we just sent you design directions, here's what we're going to need from you going forward:

By Tuesday

Feedback on The Design Direction

We need your feedback following the guides on this page.
By The end of Development

Text for The Website

We're going to need all of the text you want on every page. Use the wireframe as your guide.
By The end of Development

Data Entry Instructions

Our team will tell you if this applies to you. All data for team members, products, blog posts, etc.

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