What is a Design Direction?

During the design direction phase, we decide...

The color palette and typography to be used everywhere on the website.
Sometimes provided in a brand guide beforehand.
The type of imagery that we use on the website.
Do you prefer PHotography, illustrations, iconography, mockups, etc.
The way buttons look on the website.
Buttons can have rounded corners, Bold font, or  Other effects.
The unique brand elements we use on the website.
Background patterns, Lines, shapes, borders, shadows – all of the little flairs we add to show your brand's personality!

We do not decide...

The design aesthetic of the website
Fonts, Spacing, alignment, sizing, colors, imagery
The exact copy/text for the website
Most of the text on the wireframe will be placeholder content
The responsive behavior of the website
How the website will display on tablet, mobile, etc.
Certain content elements on your website
Products, blog posts, Team member order, 

How to Give Feedback


Examples of Useful Feedback

"I'd like to add a sentence below the main headline"
THis pertains to the structure of The page
"I'd like a drop-down menu under the blog"
This is relevant to the functionality of the website.
"The FAQ section feels like it should be higher on the page"
This pertains to the user experience of the website.

Examples of Feedback that is Not Useful

"This section should have a background image"
IMagery is not decided in this phase
"Everything looks too boxy"
we determine the website's final look and feel at a later phase
"The fonts are too plain"
Fonts are chosen at a later phase
"The colors don't match my brand"
Wireframes are always in black and white

Your Action Items

If we just sent you wireframes, here's what we're going to need from you going forward:

By Tuesday

Feedback on The Wireframes

We need your feedback following the guides on this page.
By The end of Development

Text for The Website

We're going to need all of the text you want on every page. Use the wireframe as your guide.
By The end of Development

Data Entry Instructions

Our team will tell you if this applies to you. All data for team members, products, blog posts, etc.

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