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What is website optimization and why is it done?
Website optimization is the process of structuring the elements on a page to improve a specific metric. These metrics can include page load times, conversion rates, search engine visibility, and more.
What kinds of recommendations will I be given?
First, we’ll review your above the fold experience on your home page. This is the first selection of content that visitors will be presented with when they land on your website, and there are several key elements that should always be present in this experience.

Next, we’ll review the content structure of your home page to make sure that the items on the page are all strategically laid out to guide your user towards your goal.

Then, we’ll ensure that your website is responsive, which means that your website looks good on desktop, mobile, tablet, and all in-between sizes.

Finally, we’ll examine your main navigation and make sure that your users are presented with an intuitive way to browse your website.

What will my website evaluation cost me?
Nothing! This is totally free – no strings attached, and no credit card required.
What happens after I request a web critique?
Once you request a web critique, you’ll be given the option to book an appointment with one of our Account Directors to review your website feedback. If you choose not to do this, we’ll just email your critique to the address that you provide.
What if I want you to redesign my whole website?

This is the core service that we provide. Please click here to request a quote.

Will you implement your recommendations in your critique for me?

We would be more than happy to. Please book a meeting or with one of our account directors or request a web critique to get this process started.

What is The Sher Agency?

The Sher Agency is a web design & development agency located in Tucson, Arizona. We’ve built countless websites for businesses in industries such as E-Commerce, SAAS, Health Care, Real Estate, Education, Oil & Gas, Beverages, and more. We specialize in building with WordPress and Shopify, and we accept other projects as well.

Words From A Client

From the onset it was a pleasure working with the Sher Agency. Some of the reasons the experience was so great were: process driven, transparent, organized, communicative, flexible, willing to find solutions for every request we had, deliverables were on time and beyond expectation

William Bonati

WB Digital Marketing