Vivida Dermatology

Medical Website for Dermatology Practice & Medical Spa

Vivida is a dermatology clinic with offices in Las Vegas, Henderson, and St. George. They’ve been a predominant medical authority in Las Vegas for the last decade. After launching this website rebuild, Vivida immediately saw a 3x spike in leads each week.

A New, Warmer Aesthetic.

In the medical industry, it’s essential that a website’s messaging, imagery, and general aesthetic make patients feel welcome and cared for. We helped Vivida Dermatology greet patients with smiling faces and inviting copywriting. 

A Logical Path to Appointment

If website visitors don’t have a clear path to follow towards your desired outcome, it’s very unlikely that they’ll do what you want them to. That’s why we structure websites methodically, strategically placing buttons and sizing elements hierarchically. 




Lower Bounce Rate


Increase in Session Duration


Increase in Pages Per Session

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