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Virovek specializes in large-scale and custom-made adeno-associated virus vector production. 

When we started working with them, they asked us for a website that accomplishes three things.
Communicates their scientific excellence and cutting-edge research.
Helps users understand their customizable pricing model.
Is easy for them to maintain and make changes to after launch.
"The Sher Agency has done a FANTASTIC job revitalizing our website, with stunning visuals and an easy-to-use backend console for in-house maintenance.

Professional communications from day one, through efficient virtual meetings, emails, and other tools to exchange feedback.

Quality deliverable, good aesthetics, and provide helpful project-related background/peripheral information."
Xuejiao Song (June)
Manager of Business Development
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The Virovek Website accomplished all of the team's business goals, including easier maintenance, a cutting-edge aesthetic, and dynamic pricing modules.