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The Ascension School hosts events, lodging, outdoor school, and a summer camp.

The website we made for them was designed to accomplish the following goals:
Give equal weight to the various service areas of the company.
Highlight the beautiful scenery of the venue.
Establishes professionalism and credibility.
The Sher Agency exhibits extreme knowledge and skill in their work, but the team really shines before that even comes in to play. Early meetings regarding the project are organized, expectations are clear, and a detailed plan is laid out before any hands touch the project. This makes it extremely easy to know exactly what to expect and when to expect it. 

As these deadlines are met, it becomes evident that the team is beyond skilled. 

Undoubtedly, you will be blown away as you see your new website come to fruition.
Roman Heidrich
Ascension School
Camp & Conference Center
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In just 9 weeks, we wireframed, designed, and developed the Crew Chiefs website.