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The first all-in-one website subscription.

Get a new website when you sign up
Keep your website fast and functional
Daily scans for bugs and errors
Changes & maintenance included
Hosting included
Why a subscription?

For most businesses, websites are a headache.

Here's a simple set of solutions to the most common problems that business owners face with their websites.
Headache 1

Large Upfront Costs



It costs thousands of dollars to get a new website, AND you still end up paying for maintenance each month.
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Skip the upfront costs. When you sign up for our maintenance plans, we build you a great website in the first month.
Headache 2

Endless back-and-forth



Rounds of feedback and bugs cause projects to take too long.
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If you cooperate with us, your website will be live in four weeks.
Headache 3

Unpredictable Monthly Expenses



Hosting fees, plugin costs, and hourly work can add up to a growing, unpredictable expense.
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An all-in-one subscription that covers everything you need.
Headache 4

Slow loading times



Most websites load slowly, frustrating visitors and penalizing your Google rankings.
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Regular performance scans and optimizations.
Headache 5

Bugs, hackers, and crashes



Downtime = lost revenue
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5x weekly scans of your website for bugs, regular security scans, and daily backups.
Headache 6

Poor design



Most websites are outdated and aren’t user friendly.
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A professional designer will put your website together for you in a simple, clean, and intuitive fashion.

View The Status of Your Requests in Real Time

You'll always know when to expect your work to be done, and how much time we think it will take us. Our system is truly transparent. 
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Meanwhile, we’ll make sure your website is fast, secure, and up to date.

We run regular checkups to make sure that your website is healthy, there are no broken links, and everything looks right.

For Starters

Weekly Software Updates
30 Minutes of Support time
Automatic Daily Backups
Visual Scans Mon-Fri
Regular Security Scans
Hosting included
Cancel at Any Time
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For Growth

Everything in Start Plan
2 Hours of Support time
Performance scans & speed tests
WooCommerce support and updates
Analytics Reporting
Cancel at Any Time
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For Scaling

Everything in Growth Plan
4 Hours of Support time
Auto-updating privacy policy
WCAG Compliance up to 1000 URLs
Advanced analytics reporting
Cancel at Any Time
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Frequently Asked Questions

Ask a Different Question

What happens if I run out of support hours?

First, if you request something that we think will require more support hours than the ones that you have remaining, we'll let you know before we start working.

Next, we'll give you the option to use the next month's hours on this project.

Then, you'll be given the option to move up to the next tier of monthly hours.

If you choose not to upgrade to the next tier, you'll be billed at a premium hourly rate of $87/h for any overages.

My website gets lots of traffic. How do you make changes safely?

If you have one, we'll use a staging environment to run tests and make changes before they go to your live website.

How many hours do I need for X task?

Here are some example task estimates:
- Swap out text or an image: 10 minutes
- Record a tutorial video: 10 mintues
- Add a blog post: 15 minutes
- Develop a new page: 4-6 Hours
- Add a new section to a page: 1-2 Hours

Do unused hours rollover?

No, unused hours do not rollover to the next period.

What happens if I want to cancel?

You can cancel at any time either by emailing our team, or by canceling your auto-billing in your profile settings.

Where is The Sher Agency located?

We're a 100% remote team, with no headquarters or physical office location. Our staff is located all over the globe in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

We work with clients all over the world!
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