So much more than just maintenance

10% off all products in The Shop
Priority scheduling for faster turnarounds
Automatic software updates, security & malware cleanup
Weekly analytics reports straight to your

10% Everything off New Pages, Sections, and Features

Your online presence should grow with your business. 

As you incorporate new product and service offerings, launch new marketing campaigns, and grow your team, your website needs to reflect that growth.

This membership includes 10% off all products in our shop, we're currently adding to our catalog, so check back frequently for new offerings.

Keep Your Website Safe

Any website can get hacked - so going the extra mile is a no brainer when it comes to security. Here's what we do to keep your website malware-free:

1) Daily automatic malware scans

2) Rapid malware cleanup

3) Powerful firewall protection

4) Attack prevention with login masking

Keep Your Website Updated, Safely.

Here's how we update your website's software, without breaking anything:

1) Our software takes screenshots of up to 20 pages of your site.

2) Updates are applied.

3) Our software takes new screenshots and compares them to see if anything looks different.

4) If changes are detected, we are alerted and step in to resolve the issue.

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Your Web Presence

How much traffic is your website getting each week? 

How long does your average customer stay on your website? 

Each week, we send members a report to help them keep up to date on the most important metrics for their websites.
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