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The Perfect One-Page Website for New Businesses

All prices, including subtotals, are listed at a monthly rate. Please read the FAQs before continuing.
Optional Add-Ons

If you want us to regularly make changes for you, answer questions, and build on your website. Be sure to read the FAQ for details.

A great option if you're running ads on Facebook or Google. You can upgrade this at any time.

Add a tool that makes your website compliant with WCAG and ADA legal standards.

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New Website FAQs

What does the process & timeline look like for a new website plan?

The entire process takes about two weeks.

After you sign up, you'll be sent a welcome form and a link to schedule a kickoff meeting. 

After your kickoff meeting, we'll need one full work week (Monday - Friday) to build the first draft of your website. 

Then we'll go through one revision round, which will take one full work week (Monday-Friday).

After that, we'll complete our pre-launch process in 3 business days. 

What kind of website will I get?

This program is designed for startups that need a simple, clean website to market their business.

The website will cont

What happens if I run out of support hours?

First, if you request something that we think will require more support hours than the ones that you have remaining, we'll let you know before we start working.

Next, we'll give you the option to use the next month's hours on this project.

Then, you'll be given the option to move up to the next tier of monthly hours.

If you choose not to upgrade to the next tier, you'll be billed at a premium hourly rate of $77/h for any overages.

What happens if I want to cancel?

You can cancel either by emailing our team or by canceling your auto-billing in your profile settings.

You can cancel at any time, for any reason. Your website will stay live until the end of your current billing period, at which point it will be taken down.

Do unused hours rollover?

No, unused hours do not rollover to the next period.

How many hours do I need for X task?

Here are some example task estimates:
- Swap out text or an image: 10 minutes
- Record a tutorial video: 10 mintues
- Add a blog post: 15 minutes
- Develop a new page: 4-6 Hours
- Add a new section to a page: 1-2 Hours

What is Accessibility? (WCAG and ADA)

In web design, accessibility refers to the compatibility of your website with modern tools for people with accessibility needs.

This can include screen readers for blind people, seizure-safe image profiles, and other tools.

WCAG and ADA are legal accessibility compliance standards that are required in many countries. 

Many smaller businesses do not optimize for these standards, but almost all larger ones do, as there are potential legal ramifications of noncompliance.

For that reason, we advise that everyone sign up for this add-on.