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Project Timeline

Here's the plan for your website.

Based on a 10-page website. See the pricing section for adjustments to the phases marked with an asterisk. 

Day 1


On the first day of the project, we decide what we will show on each website page and in what order.

We will come to the kickoff call prepared with wireframes (black and white outlines) for each website page. 

On the call, you'll critique our wireframes, and we'll edit the documents in real-time to finalize the user journey through the website. 
Week 1

Design Directions

This phase is a sort of "heat check" to make sure that we're headed in the right direction. 

We'll present two versions of your home page (usually about half of the page's content) for you to review different styles / visual identities for your website. 
Weeks 2-3*

Website Mockups

After you've given us feedback on the design directions, we'll combine your chosen design direction with the wireframes to create desktop mockups for each page. 

Don't worry - the mobile version will be created during the development phase.
Weeks 3-4

Design Revisions

You'll be given two rounds of revisions to fine-tune the mockups we provide. 

- We deliver the mockups on a Friday.
- You have until Tuesday to give us feedback. 
- We will implement that feedback by the following Friday. 
- You have until the next Tuesday to give us your final feedback.
- We will finalize the mockup by that Friday.
- You'll sign off on the mockups, indicating that we're cleared to move forward. 
Week 5-8*


We will build the full website according to the approved website mockups.

At the start of this phase, we'll give you a spreadsheet of all content that we'll need – so, while we're working on development, you can gather the final content so we can go live on schedule. 
Week 9*


Our basic maintenance program has two parts.

First, automatic maintenance:
- Malware Scanning & Cleanup
- Daily Backups
- Software Updates

Second, manual monthly checkups: 
- Visual scans for errors on desktop & mobile
- Broken link scans across your website 

This is important for all websites.
Week 10

Final Prep and Launch

Our basic maintenance program has two parts.

First, automatic maintenance:
- Malware Scanning & Cleanup
- Daily Backups
- Software Updates

Second, manual monthly checkups: 
- Visual scans for errors on desktop & mobile
- Broken link scans across your website 

This is important for all websites.

Here's what we need from you, in order to hit that timeline.

ON Fridays

We'll send deliverables.

This could be a design file, a website link, or a design direction, depending on the phase.
By Tuesdays

We need your feedback.

If you send us feedback by Tuesday, we'll implement it by that same Friday.
During Development

Prepare your content.

We need it by the time content phase of the project begins. You'll have at least 4 weeks to prepare.
Terms of service

You should read each of these - they're all important

Important information about our process, work style, and technology stack.


How soon can you start?

We start a limited number of projects every Monday.

Ask your website consultant for the soonest available start date.

Your start date will be officially reserved when you complete an order on this page. Before starting, we'll need you to complete a project intake form and schedule a kickoff call.

What happens after you launch my website?

Five things:

1. You have full ownership of your website as soon as your final payment is made.
2. You get 30 free days of maintenance and bug-fixes.
3. We give you access to a library of videos, training you on how to use your website. 
4. We gift you two free hours of development work for any new ideas or changes that you think of (valid for 30 days).
5. You have the option to sign up for one of our Growth & Support plans.

What happens if I want to add some features or pages to the website while you’re building it?

While we like to be flexible and responsive to your needs, we also like to deliver what we promise within the time frames and budgets we have allowed.

Should additional pages, features, or requirements be requested while we're working on the website, we will assess those changes in a separate scope of work. The original project scope, as specified in this document, will be carried to completion as originally planned to ensure the fulfillment of this mutual agreement.

What happens if I stop responding or providing the content that you need to continue?

1) If the client misses a deadline, their project will be pushed back by a full week. 

2) If this happens three times (21 days) the project will be removed from our work schedule, and work will cease until all required assets or responses are delivered.

3) To reactivate your project, you'll need to pay a $200 fee, and we'll add you back to our schedule as soon as we have availability.

What kinds of imagery do you provide for my website?

We have access to a huge library of imagery, including: 

1) Photos
2) Videos
3) Customizable illustrations and icons
4) Graphic templates and layouts

We can use and customize any of these for you. If you want us to use something specific that we don't own already, we'll just ask you to reimburse us for the cost of that asset. 

What kind of animations are included?

We can create many animations using a style sheet language called CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). 

We can also leverage free Lottie Files to add more complex animations to the website.

If you need custom animation work, we'll put you in touch with an animator.

How fast will my website be?

Your website will score an 85 or higher on the GTMetrix performance score, as long as: 

1) You use one of the hosting providers we recommend. 
2) You don't have a large background video in the hero section of your website.

How will you build my website?

We build with Wordpress. 

Typically, we use Divi Builder as a framework for page building and content management systems.

We can use a different system if there's one you prefer.

What should I know about hosting?

You will need to select a hosting provider and pay them regularly to host your website.

We recommend that you create an account with WP Engine. We'll provide more instructions later.
Step 04

Meanwhile, we’ll make sure your website is fast, secure, and up to date.

We run monthly checkups to make sure that your website is healthy, there are no broken links, and everything looks right.

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