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First, our UX team will determine a first batch of hypothesis to test.

Next, we show the changes
to half of your visitors each day.

Variant A
Variant B

And as soon as the results are conclusive, we'll implement the winning variant!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much traffic do I need to do a split test?

We recommend conversion rate optimization for websites that get at least 1000 web visitors per month. The more traffic you receive, the faster we can determine the results of a split test.

How long does each A/B test take?

Typically, no less than two weeks, and up to a full month. These can vary based on the amount of traffic that you receive during the experiment.

How many simultaneous experiments do you recommend for my website?

If you have two or more pages that receive significant web traffic (100+ visitors per month), you can run a simultaneous experiment for both of them!
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