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Choose What Goes in To Your Plan.

Read below for our recommendations for different types of businesses.


Our basic maintenance program has two parts.

First, automatic maintenance:
- Malware Scanning & Cleanup
- Daily Backups
- Software Updates

Second, manual monthly checkups: 
- Visual scans for errors on desktop & mobile
- Broken link scans across your website 

This is important for all websites.

Discounted Hourly Work

You can get a significantly lower hourly rate on any new development tasks, just by purchasing them in advance on this page.

Time spent on maintenance tasks (defined above) does use up your prepaid hours.

We recommend this option for any business that consistently edits their website and wants hands-on support.

Accessibility Compliance

Did you know that it's a violation of the ADA not to accommodate website visitors with disabilities? 

We've partnered with the team over at Accessibe to make sure you're covered legally and ethically.

This is recommended for all businesses.

Enhanced Page Speed

We'll add your website to our Content Delivery Network to improve your scores on page speed tests. 

Our team will also check your page speed every month during your monthly maintenance checkup to make sure you're still scoring well. 

Your price is determined by the number of monthly page views your site has.

We only recommend this for specific businesses, so please ask us before you purchase this option.


Each month we'll send you a customized dashboard of your website's key metrics from Google Analytics. 

If you're already comfortable finding what you need in Google Analytics, you don't need this add-on. If you'd like an easier way to view the most important metrics on your website, this can be a great tool.
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View The Status of Your Requests in Real Time

You'll always know when to expect your work to be done, and how much time we think it will take us. Our system is truly transparent. 
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Meanwhile, we’ll make sure your website is fast, secure, and up to date.

We run monthly checkups to make sure that your website is healthy, there are no broken links, and everything looks right.

Build a Growth Plan for Your Business

All prices, including subtotals, are listed at a monthly rate. 

Be sure to read the FAQ for details

Your price is determined by the number of monthly pageviews your site has. This isn't recommended for all websites, so be sure to ask our team before adding this option.

WCAG and ADA compliance

Choose a subscription plan:

Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if I run out of support hours?

First, if you request something that we think will require more support hours than the ones that you have remaining, we'll let you know before we start working.

Next, we'll give you the option to use the next month's hours on this project.

Then, you'll be given the option to move up to the next tier of monthly hours.

If you choose not to upgrade to the next tier, you'll be billed at a premium hourly rate of $87/h for any overages.

My website gets lots of traffic. How do you make changes safely?

If you have one, we'll use a staging environment to run tests and make changes before they go to your live website.

How many hours do I need for X task?

Here are some example task estimates:
- Swap out text or an image: 10 minutes
- Record a tutorial video: 10 mintues
- Add a blog post: 15 minutes
- Develop a new page: 4-6 Hours
- Add a new section to a page: 1-2 Hours

What is included in "Maintenance?"

- Software Updates
- Security Monitoring and Malware Cleanup
- Reliable Backups
- Broken Link Scans
- Monthly Visual Scans for Desktop and Mobile Errors

Do unused hours rollover?

No, unused hours do not rollover to the next period.

What happens if I want to cancel?

You can cancel at any time either by emailing our team, or by canceling your auto-billing in your profile settings.

Where is The Sher Agency located?

We're a 100% remote team, with no headquarters or physical office location. Our staff is located all over the globe in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

We work with clients all over the world!
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