Your Personal Website Roadmap

Working on multiple web projects at once can be messy business - that's why we give you a dashboard where you can add new tasks for us to work on, check the status of existing tasks, and re-prioritize our initiatives as needed.

Everything You Need to Keep Your Website Safe, Secure, and Fast

Included in your improvement plan is everything that you’d expect from your web developer. Nightly backups, website security, and bug fixes. Beyond that, we offer automatic image compression and object caching to make sure your website is loading quickly.

Get Recommendations from Digital Experts

Each month, our team will review your analytics alongside your website and make recommendations for conversion rate optimization, aesthetic improvements, and content strategy. It’s up to you whether or not we implement those recommendations, just indicate on your dashboard which of them you’d like us to move forward with. 

Build the Plan Your Business Needs

Terms and Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do unused hours rollover?

50% of your unused hours will rollover to the next month, which can stack up to a maximum of 2x your base plan. For example, if you purchase the Constant Growth plan (40h/month), your maximum total hours in a month will be 80 hours.

What happens if my website goes down?

In the event of a website outage, we take the following steps:

1) Immediately restore your website from a backup (we take backups for our clients every night).

2) Identify the cause of the problem.

3) Fix the issue so it doesn't happen again. 

What if my company has more than one website?

No problem! You can use your hours on whatever website you'd like. 

What if I need more than 60 hours/month?

Please email, and we'll put together a package just for you.

My website gets lots of traffic. How do you make changes safely?

No system is perfect; however, we've found that the best way to minimize risk on high-traffic sites is to make all changes on a staging environment and then migrate those changes to the live environment.

What kinds of websites do you work with?

We are currently only offering improvement plans for Wordpress, Shopify, and Squarespace websites.

Can you redesign my whole website?


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