How it Works

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The main differences are the number of included support hours and optimized pages.

Initial Setup

We tune-up your site and review your analytics to determine which pages to optimize.

Perfect Support

We’ll take care of your website maintenance each month. You can easily submit support requests through our online portal.

Choose Your Package


Silver Package

3 Support Hours
Enhanced Site Speed
Daily Backups
Monthly Optimizations on 3 Pages
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Gold Package

15 Support Hours
Monthly Optimizations on 5 Pages
Analytics Reporting
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Platinum Package

45 Support Hours
Monthly Optimizations on 10 Pages
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Helpful Information

What is included in a monthly page optimization?

A monthly page optimization includes a thorough check-up on a page, auditing and maintaining the following criteria:

1. Page Speed
2. Security
3. Responsiveness
4. SEO Health
5. Sitemap Crawls
6. Malware Scans
7. Manual Visual Checks
8. Broken Link Checks

What happens if I need more support hours?

If you request something that we think will require more support hours than the ones that you have remaining, we'll give you the option to move to the next tier plan! 

What happens if I want to cancel?

You can cancel any time. At the end of your current support period, you will likely notice a decline in web performance, and we'll stop maintaining the site, but you still own your website and we won't harbor any negative sentiment towards you :) 

How do support requests work?

We'll provide you with a support request form, which we've designed to collect all of the details we need and to minimize the back-and-forth.

Once you send in a request, we'll send you a confirmation including:
1. The task's ETA
2. How many support hours we think it will take
3. Any clarifying questions 

We'll then complete the task, and notify you once we've done so!

What kind of analytics are included in your gold and platinum packages?

You'll let us know what metrics you want to track, and we'll build out a custom dashboard for you to easily keep an eye on them. If you're not sure which metrics you should be tracking, we'll help you make that decision as well!