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You Know What Your Customers Want

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t already know that your customers deserve a user-friendly experience whenever they visit your website. You should be proud to refer your customers to your best salesperson: your home page. Unfortunately, most websites are slow, ugly, and hard to navigate - but don’t worry, yours can be better. 

The 5 Steps to an Excellent Website

We follow the same process every time, to consistently produce best-in-class work. Here’s how we go from concept to finished product in 5 simple steps.

Design is About More than Looking Good

Great web designers always design websites for the end-users. We recommend strategically structuring the user journey to build visitors’ trust and guide them towards a conversion goal. As we place each element on the canvas during our design phase we consider how that element helps the user make a purchase decision.

Featured Project: Engagedly

86% Increase in
Product Demo Requests
13.89% Increase in
SEO Traffic
10x Better Looking website
(in our humble opinion)

Meet the Team



Hi there! My name is Max, I'm the founder and CEO of The Sher Agency. I started my agency as a Freshman in college, and have since been dedicated to creating awesome websites that move the needle in my clients' businesses.

When I'm not making websites with my team, I'm the host of the Sink or Scale business podcast, a digital nomad hopping around from city to city, and an amateur guitar player.


Hello! My name is Josh and I'm a web developer based in Tucson, Arizona. I've been with the Sher Agency for about 2 years. I started getting into development at age 16 and I've been obsessed ever since.

When I'm not making websites or developing a passion project, you can find me watching soccer, reading a book, or pretenting that I know how to use the camera I just bought.


Howdy! My name is Andrew and I'm the Creative Director here at The Sher Agency. I help design websites that not only delight your target customer, but make your business money.

When I'm not making websites, I like to explore the city of Atlanta to try different coffee shops and restaurants. Oh, also, our un-official COO of the company is my 3-year old Golden Retriever, Benjamin. He's the boss around here.


Hello! My name is Emily and I help out on the design side of things at The Sher Agency. I love creating pixel perfect designs that are as functional as they are beautiful.

Outside of work I’m an avid hiker, a world traveler, and a sucker for a good book.

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