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What We're Looking For

🤓 Wordpress Ability
You should be able to build and accomplish just about anything in Wordpress.
💬 Fluent English
Our team all speaks English, so your English ability needs to be really strong as well.
🗣️ Communication Style
Our interview process is designed to assess your written and verbal communication skills.
🤔 Problem Solving
Come up with creative solutions to web development problems.
🧐 Attention to Detail
We want someone who catches the small details, and doesn't let thing slip.
🥳 Friendly & Fun
We like to have fun while we work, and we want whoever joins our team to feel that way, too! 😁

Our Hiring Process

This Application
We use a longer application, instead of a screening round. It saves us both time!
A Paid Trial Project
We'll pay you to do a few hours of work to check your skill level.
The Interview
A 45 minute interview. We'll ask you questions, and you can ask us questions too!
Reference Checks
Nothing fancy on this one - we just gotta do our homework! 🙂