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What We're Looking For

🎨 Design Ability
Your portfolio should show that you've got a great eye for modern design.
🗣️ Communication Style
Our interview process is designed to assess your written and verbal communication skills.
🤔 Coachability
You should be coachable and respond well to feedback - it's never personal!
🧐 Attention to Detail
We want someone who catches the small details, and doesn't let thing slip.
🥳 Friendly & Fun
We like to have fun while we work, and we want whoever joins our team to feel that way, too! 😁

Our Hiring Process

This Application
We use a longer application, instead of a screening round. It saves us both time!
A Paid Trial Project
We'll pay you to do a few hours of work to assess your abilities.
The Interview
A 45 minute interview we'll ask you questions, and you can ask us questions too!
Reference Checks
Nothing fancy on this one - we just gotta do our homework! 🙂

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Tell Us About Yourself!

Nothing fancy, don't overthink it!
If you're currently a student, please note that as well!
This position is for US & Canadian citizens only
5 years from now, when you're looking back on your decision to join the Sher Agency, what would make it a "Win" for you?

Web Design Knowledge

The questions below are to better understand your knowledge, please be honest. There is no need to excel in every area, we just need to gauge where you are starting from.
Your Web or UI Design Portfolio*
Please provide links to any Web Design or UI Design work on the left and your specific role on the project on the right.
Mockup / Screenshot / Website URL
What Was Your Role?
Other Design Projects*
Please provide links to any DESIGN work that you're proud of on the left, and your role on the project on you're right.
Mockup / Screenshot / Website URL
What Was Your Role?
For example, are you primarily an illustrator, a layout designer, a UI designer, etc?
We build our websites using WordPress. How much experience do you have with WordPress?*
Don't worry if you haven't used it.
Please select the page builders that you have experience with.*
*you have built at least one full page with them at some point.
Have you built with any other web design tools?*
*you have built at least one full page with them at some point.
Don't worry if this is low.
Don't worry if this is low.
Which Describes Your Expertise with Design Software*
Video editing, animation, accessibility standards, etc.
What are some websites you like, and what do you like about them?*
Click the + button to add more websites to the list
Website URL
What you like about it