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The provider page is one of the essential building blocks of an effective website strategy for a medical practice. We regularly view the website data from our clients in healthcare, and the provider pages are consistently among the highest viewed pages on the website. Patients often visit these pages before booking an appointment or requesting a consultation, and often ask for a specific provider by name in their request! Here are some creative ideas to help you leverage your provider pages to their fullest extent.

Better-Than-Average Imagery

Don't just include a boring headshot of the doctor on this page - that's a wasted opportunity. A smiling portrait of a healthcare provider on a grey background is necessary, but not sufficient.

You should try to exceed this with high-quality photography that makes a patient feel like they're in good hands. Try getting shots of the doctor from different angles, in candid scenarios, or (in the best case scenario) working with patients. These patients don't need to be real patients, they can simply be models that represent your core demographic. This can be cheaper to organize than you may think, and it's well worth the investment of a few hundred dollars. This imagery will go a long way, and you can shoot photography for your whole website at once.

Here are some great examples of stock photos that you can use as reference points for your own photoshoot.

Let your photographer get creative! Those professionals are awesome, and if you pick a great one, they will have tons of cool ideas. Spend the first few hours getting the shots that you know you need, and then give them an hour or two to let their creativity shine.

Provider Specialties

When a visitor first lands on a page, they need to see something that resonates with them immediately. Healthcare website visitors know why they're on the website - their neck aches, they're depressed, or they're plagued by some other affliction. Providing a list of specialties that visitors can check against their symptoms or past diagnosis will give your patients comfort in the fact that they're dealing with someone who specializes in fixing their problem.

It's also quite likely that these specialties overlap with some of the keywords that you're trying to rank for organically - in these cases, you can hyperlink from your list of specialties to pages with long-form content specifically about that symptom or specialty.

Education / Accreditations

Most patients probably don't read this, but having a big headline that says "Education and Awards" will give them a boost in confidence that they're looking at the page of an established medical professional. Award badges, logos of universities, and fellowships are all great things to list here.

Video Content

Most practices will never do this - which is exactly why yours should. What better marketing strategy could there be than to introduce the MDs themselves on camera to the visitor who is considering booking an appointment with them? Patients will get a chance to see how friendly and personable the providers are. The video should be well-lit, with good audio, and should ideally feature a provider speaking intelligently about a topic they're familiar with. Example:

Dr. Max Explains Dry Skin

(video content here)

Book a consultation with Dr. Max (link)

Question & Answers

Follow these 5 steps to build out an awesome Question & Answer section that actually increases bookings:

  1. Have your doctors list out the most frequently asked questions that they get asked.
  2. Have your doctors write out, our record video answers to each of these questions.
  3. Publish these on the bottom of the page.
  4. Place a form allowing patients to ask their own questions in an open forum (optionally under a pseudonym) and provide their email address to be notified of a response.
  5. Allow the doctor to answer questions as often as they'd like and post the answers online. They can then personally invite the patient via email to book a consultation with them. Use tools like Loom do this via video message for an even more personal touch.


Many testimonials, even for large medical practices, call out individual Doctors or PAs by name. These are fantastic content for your provider pages!

Bonus: Optimize Your Biography

by our friends over at

When taking your business online, crafting a concise and catchy biography can enhance your professional presence. Do it right and you can increase your business visibility, earn respect from viewers, and build trust with new patients.

A poor bio page could be losing you your customers, so if your current one isn’t up to snuff, perhaps it’s time for an update. Here are five key components you should be including in your healthcare provider biography.

1. Keywords

To show up on search engine results pages, your professional biography needs to include keywords that patients use in search inquiries. Use keywords that highlight your specialized areas and services.

2. Important Takeaways

List your qualifications, including your education, board certification, publications, accolades, and years in the industry to impart professionalism and give patients all the information they need. You want them to be confident enough to choose you as their main provider.

3. Information About Yourself

Use your professional biography as an opportunity to let patients know more about you and what is most compelling about your practice. In a way, your biography acts as a business card and a personal introduction. Make a list of your hobbies and personal interest. Your patients need to see you as a person, not just someone in a lab coat.

4. Philosophy and Values

A clear value proposition is what will get patients to choose you over your competition. You can add short testimonials to reinforce that you are reliable and can connect with people beyond a medical level.

5. Other Key Information

Be sure to include basic information in your biography, such as where your clinic is located, your operating hours, and healthcare system associations (if applicable). This ensures you’re easy to find because even if people like you, they’ll move on to a competitor if they can’t reach you.

What a Healthcare Provider Biography Should Look Like

Now that you have an idea of the general framework of your biography, here’s an example of how it should look:

“John Doe, Psy.D, is a certified counselor, psychotherapist, and licensed clinical psychologist with a specialization in the unique stressors that come with the major life transitions college students experience. Dr. Doe’s clinic is located in the heart of Tucson, Arizona, just a few minutes’ drive across the city.

For over 25 years, Dr. Doe has collaborated with educational institutions such as The University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University in coming up with comprehensive programs to help students manage time, stress, and major changes. He has since been recognized for introducing the University Stress Management Program, which is now offered to the general community and all college campuses around Tucson.

Regarding his approach to psychotherapy, Dr. Doe believes in an inviting and collaborative approach. He believes in the productive atmosphere a safe and shared space can provide for students and faculty alike.

Dr. Doe graduated from The University of Arizona College of Medicine in 1990 with a B.A. degree in Psychology. He then earned his Psy.D from Harvard Medical School in 1994 and is on its existing board of Freshman Advisers.

In his downtime, Dr. Doe goes backpacking with June, his black Labrador, and is also an occasional tennis player.”

As you can see, including the right keywords, credentials, relevant information, values, and just a touch of personality is key to crafting a well-informed bio page that people will read all the way through.


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