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How It Used to Work

Step 1: A Trip to The Theme Store

Back in the days of using pre-made WordPress themes, the first step of the process was a trip to the theme store.

Visit the theme store to look for something that matches your vision for the website.
Purchase the theme that you like, and install it on your website.

These Themes are designed to be one-size-fits-all. They come pre-packaged with tons of stuff that you don't need, adding unnecessary bulk to your website.

Step 2: Install & Customize

Once you'd purchased your theme, the next step was to upload it onto your website and try and make it your own.

Upload the theme to your website.
Load in all of the demo content (often dozens of large images, plugin files, and page templates) 
Do your best to change out the images and text to match your brand and vision for the website.

These Themes aren't always easy to customize. Many of them have very rigid structures that you have to adhere to, and on some of them, simple things such as swapping out content are still a headache.

Step 3: Hire a Developer to Implement the Last Few Tweaks

Inevitably, there will be a handful of tweaks that you want to make or features that you want to add that are outside of your theme's capabilities. To accomplish this, you'll need to hire a developer to implement these changes for you.


Implementing custom solutions on prebuilt themes increases the cost or difficulty of maintaining your website in the long run. Custom solutions can break when the theme updates, they can bog down your site's performance, and they increase the learning curve for everyone who needs to use the website.

How It's Done Today

Step 1: Plan Out The Perfect User Experience

Instead of fitting what you want into the constraints of a pre-made theme, start by planning out the exact journey that you want users to take through your website.


Every business has a unique story and unique selling points - planning out the ideal user experience will lead to a higher conversion rate than compromising for a pre-made theme.

Step 2: Implement Your Vision Using a Page Builder

A page builder is the modern replacement for a theme. It's a visual tool that allows you to build exactly what you want inside of wordpress.

Instead of a pre-made theme with dozens of bulky plugins, you're using 1 tool to build out everything that you need.
The flexibility of this tool allows you to build almost anything a business website could need, without worrying about custom code.
If the pages are built properly, it's much easier for a client to change out text, images, and videos post-launch.

In Summary

Compared to Pre-Made Themes, Websites Built in Page Builders Are

Faster Loading

Because they only have the plugins and themes that are actually required

Easier to Manage

Because editing content in a page builder is far easier than editing a pre-made theme

Higher Converting

Because you're building the optimal user experience, rather than conforming to the constraints of a multi-purpose theme.

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