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The Goal: Measure Revenue in Google Analytics

Why is this important?

Enhanced E-Commerce reporting allows you to view the most actionable data on your website. You can view which of your pages has the monetary value to you, which traffic sources lead to the most sales and other critical insights for any e-commerce store owner.

Setting Up Conversion Tracking

The goal: track conversions

Step 1: Log into Google Analytics

Step 2: Click on "Admin"

The button in the bottom right hand corner of the main Google Analytics dashboard is "admin".

Step 3: Click on "E-Commerce Settings.

The button in the third column, 6th from the top, is "E-Commerce Settings"

Step 4: Toggle both switches to "On" (the second switch won't appear until you set the first switch to "on")

There are two switches on this dashboard. Toggle them both to "on"

And that's it! As long as Google Analytics is properly installed on your website, you should now be tracking revenue in your Analytics dashboard.


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