Client Training Videos

Form notifications, field settings, and more

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to modify the text on your forms. You'll also learn how to configure/adjust the delivery of the notifications you receive when users interact with your form.

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Logging in to the Admin Dashboard

This is the first tutorial you should watch - here you'll learn how to log in to WordPress as an administrator.

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In this tutorial, you'll learn how to add blog posts to your website and adjust the settings for SEO.

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How to Change Images on Your Site

Use this tutorial to swap out images on your site. Your images will commonly be set up as image modules, within blurb modules, or as column, row, or section backgrounds.

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Editing Text

Use this tutorial to edit the text elements on your website. You can easily change out headlines, body text, and the text within blurbs using this tutorial.

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Changing Backgrounds

On many websites, we place a background image, color, or video at the top of each page. If you'd like to change out what you have on a certain page or template, this template will help you do so.

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